I've had the great privilege to do work I love with some incredible people, organizations, and brands across a whole spectrum of industries (government, retail, natural resources, non-profit, healthcare, and more). While some are hush-hush secret-secret, there are still a few I can talk about :) please meet them!

what colleagues and clients have to say

Speaking from the Client perspective, Joshua was a tremendous resource on our project. Joshua brings two unique skills to bear on his work. First and foremost, he has the ability to engage the business in a very non-disruptive manner, bridging the gap between their needs and technical implementation. Second, he constantly offered a ‘client-first’ attitude, with a work ethic that demonstrated his commitment to ensuring not only completion of tasks, but also support for the Stakeholders on the project to enable Change Management. Well done Joshua – thank you!
— Vice President, Business Technology
I am fortunate to have worked with Joshua for about 6 months. Throughout this time, Joshua seemed to constantly outdo himself - just when you thought that wasn’t possible. He is incredibly hard-working, takes ownership of his tasks, and is a reliable team member. Though Joshua has natural smarts, great communication skills, and business acumen, what is most impressive is his endless stream of enthusiasm and curiosity. Joshua tackles all tasks, no matter how big or small, with boundless energy and dedication which has a multiplying effect on other team members. While Joshua excels at all of his responsibilities, his unique and positive approach will ensure he is successful at any job he takes on.
— Account Supervisor
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Joshua on a recent enterprise ECM upgrade project. He is a creative and modern leader with strong capabilities to deliver innovative solutions with instant business results. I learned a lot while working with Joshua and continue to apply the project, program and people management approaches he developed and implemented with great success and results.
I would highly recommend Joshua for any senior leadership position tasked to define, deliver and manage a technology strategy. Great sense of humor and style as well. I look forward to staying connected with Joshua and continuing to get his insights.
— Business System Analyst
Joshua is committed to doing everything it takes to deliver projects to the clients’ expectations—his work ethic is admirable. Likewise, his ability to integrate and collaborate with our team during the course of the project ensured that we were truly partners in its success. Joshua’s enthusiasm and strong sense of accountability make him a winning and welcome member of any team.
— Director, Digital Marketing
I don’t think there is anything that I can say that hasn’t already been said. However, it is important to note that Joshua is a very motivated person. He is a rare find in any organization. Someone who goes above and beyond to ensure that (1) the project is on track, (2) you the client are satisfied with the work. Not only did he do the work to my satisfaction, he also took it upon himself to learn a new discipline (in this case, performance test scripts). Lastly, he’s also adds a very positive dynamic to the team.
— IT Solutions Manager, IA and UX
Having worked closely with Joshua leading up to our company’s pivotal intranet launch, I am confident in speaking to his ability to thrive in and lead the charge in a changing environment. He demonstrated a calm and sometimes fun demeanor while calculating and anticipating our next move to get ahead of the curve and assist in the flawless execution of our needs. Joshua’s level of organization and can-do attitude made him such an asset to our team. We greatly enjoyed our experience in working with Joshua.
— Senior Communications Manager
Joshua is a well-organized individual who strives to ensure all client commitments across multiple streams of work are met. By having his work reviewed by the development team, and reviewing all of the deliverables, Joshua ensured nothing was being promised that wouldn’t be delivered and that he had a very good understanding of what was committed to be delivered. He would then follow up with team members to check up on the progress and test upcoming deliverables, ensuring any commitments made were kept. Even when a team member resigned, which left the entire team scrambling, Joshua never missed a beat; managing customer expectations, taking on additional responsibilities, and making sure nothing got lost in the shuffle.

Not only is Joshua a top notch BA with surprisingly deep SharePoint knowledge, there were times he helped out in the design of various sites, even going as far as creating some prototype sites in SharePoint to demo to the client. This goes to show that Joshua is a team player that is willing to go beyond his job description. Additionally, Joshua has a sense of humour and force of personality that really lightens the mood and makes the project fun. He manages this while still maintaining professionalism, which is often hard to balance…

Overall, the [redacted] project was the most enjoyable project I ever have had the pleasure to work on, and that is largely due to working with Joshua. I look forward to the next opportunity I have to work with Joshua, and I am certain he will continue to be an asset to every project team he is a part of.
— Technical Lead
During several different projects Joshua was working with me, he consistently demonstrated his ability to learn quickly, both new technology and process, as well as client business. I find Joshua very reliable when it comes to delegating tasks; he requires minimal supervision and has tremendous drive to make things better, more efficient, better quality, and more reusable. Joshua is also very easy to communicate with when dealing with customers, other team members and I’m sure beyond as well. He’s a great asset to the high performing team and a success factor.
— Solution Architect, Technical Lead
I spent a lot of time with Joshua during an implementation phase of a large-scale project and it was great. He’s a real team player. He never fails to play the support role when needed and also step up to get the job done when required. He is decisive and very articulate, attributes required to run successful projects or business. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with him as well as his friendship.
— Director, Operations & Sales
I have had the distinct pleasure working with Joshua on the [redacted] account at Redwood. He is very thorough in everything he does and can be trusted to get the job done well. Joshua quickly assumed an influential role in Redwood, inspiring and motivating his colleagues with his amiability and attentiveness. Joshua was instrumental in aiding me with the client asks and program objectives. He has a knack for numbers and Excel - Joshua is able to take huge amounts of data and build you detailed reports and provide great insights. His contributions were essential to the success of the [redacted] program. Everyone at Redwood recognized his commitment and efforts and would agree he was a joy to work with. I would recommend Joshua without a single hesitation.
— Senior Account Manager
As a young founder working to start a company, the world is a daunting place full of uncertainty. There is a never-ending laundry list of things to get done and maintaining a clear focus is paramount to success...

Having Joshua as a mentor grounded our thinking and brought clarity to our business model after each working session together. His wealth of experience and ability to break complex problems down into their core elements gave us the confidence to pursue our direction and maintain our focus in times of uncertainty. Beyond his input, Joshua was willing to go above and beyond in opening up his personal network to us, asking at the end of each session for action items that he could assist us with. Throughout the entirety of our working relationship, it was clear that Joshua strived to provide real value to us in any way that he could.

Joshua has a unique combination of curiosity and determination, from which he has developed an educated position on almost every subject, business and otherwise!
— Tech Startup Founder

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