Dec 2018 Quora Round Up (2 of 5)

This is the second instalment (of 5) to share from my massive backlog of bookmarked Quora answers to share with my community.

I hope you enjoy, learn something, and it helps you one day. Much love <3

  1. - What is the most lucrative business move that you’ve ever made?

  2. - Why does Tarkin's CGI in Rogue One look so plastic-y? Could they have made it look more realistic?

  3. - What are some useful technology life hacks?

  4. - Why are pineapples called pineapples? In most languages, pineapples are called “ananas”, or something similar.

  5. - What are the best examples of a really good design?

  6. - If elephants had been long ago extinct and we had seen nothing else but their bones today, would we know anything about their trunk? How do we know dinosaurs didn't have other equally unusual organs?

  7. - Is it possible to compete with Google as a Startup?

  8. - How is ramp-up time handled in SaaS sales comp plans? We are hiring inside sales reps with a base of $45K and OTE of $90K. How do we handle the first 3-6 months when they are ramping relative to their commissions?

  9. - What did your husband do that was extremely helpful during your child's first year?

  10. - I am really good at lying and cheating. What profession should I choose in which I can legally lie and cheat people?

  11. - What is the biggest lesson that life has taught you?

  12. - Are you liberal or conservative? Why?

  13. - If I'm being accosted by an amateur-level street thug with a knife, what are some basic moves to disable him and get away?

  14. - Why do interracial couples with a white husband and black wife have the lowest divorce rates?

  15. - Why do blind people wear glasses when they can't see?

  16. - Which games do you consider extremely well made but niche to the point of being unplayable?

  17. - What cool things has modernity destroyed?

  18. - Why would the owner of the pizza restaurant throw out mistake pizzas instead of letting the staff eat them?

  19. - What do the best salespeople know that the rest of us don't?

  20. - What is it like to be a supertaster?

  21. - What did you eat, only to regret it moments later?

  22. - What English word has the most silent letters?

  23. - What happened to Kmart and how was it bigger than Wal-Mart?

  24. - What is the cheapest and fastest meal you can prepare?

  25. - Why is the Nobel Peace Prize rigged by politics?

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Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash