Dec 2018 Quora Round Up (3 of 5)

This is the third instalment (of 5) to share from my massive backlog of bookmarked Quora answers to share with my community.

Hmm… I’m now finding out that this bank of bookmarked Quora answers is insane, so I’ll be ramping up the count from 25 per post to 50 per post. Wowza, that would mean 200 Quora answers shared in this December 2018 series!!!

As always: I hope you enjoy, learn something, and it helps you one day. Much love <3

  1. - How good are bad software engineers?

  2. - What are the biggest myths about owning a business?

  3. - Mike Rowe, of Dirty Jobs fame, claims that thousands of jobs are available in the US but nobody will take them. In our capitalistic country, doesn't this demonstrate that the rate of pay needs to be increased for these same jobs?

  4. - Why do husbands cheat on their wives?

  5. - What is an example of a time someone took political correctness too far?

  6. - What do you think of the Kavanaugh allegation, now that his accuser's identity has become public?

  7. - What should you not waste time on in your twenties?

  8. - What habit did you pick up in the military that you still keep and civilians don't understand?

  9. - Have you ever cold emailed the CEO of a big company?

  10. - Why is Canada bringing skilled immigrants with rosy promises while there is no job here? My family and I have spent all our life savings and all we got are survival jobs despite our MBAs and years of management experience. Can we sue the government?

  11. - What is the most intense debate you’ve ever seen?

  12. - What harsh advice do you have for me that would make me a more mature person?

  13. - How do I use my cellphone camera for better photography?

  14. - As a divorce lawyer, what do you wish couples knew before they went through with the wedding?

  15. - Why isn't cultural appropriation viewed as a negative thing in Europe, like it is viewed by the far left in the US?

  16. - How much does it cost to climb Mt Everest?

  17. - How come Airbnb barely has any real competitor unlike Uber?

  18. - What's something people do that screams "I'm looking for attention"?

  19. - What is one thing that shocked you when you attended an Ivy League or a highly prestigious school like Stanford or MIT?

  20. - What's something you've never told anyone?

  21. - How do I tell my husband, my best friend and bedmate for the last 25 years, my first love in college, that I am no longer in love with him?

  22. - What are millennials doing wrong when it comes to their careers?

  23. - What is the most interesting linguistics question that does not yet have an answer?

  24. - My friend from Germany says America is not the greatest country in the world. How can I convince him otherwise?

  25. - How can you let the 911 operator know you're being compelled to say something?

  26. - What are some examples of great marketing?

  27. - Why do most older people struggle with simple technology, whereas most teens learn on their own with ease?

  28. - What should you never say to your husband?

  29. - What is the saddest truth about smart people?

  30. - While conversing with a Dutch couple, I said I had a firearm on my person, support arming teachers, and would never live in a country without a death penalty. They immediately got up and left. Are all Europeans this narrow-minded (and rude)?

  31. - Why do some people not want children?

  32. - What would you do if your interviewer says "prove to me that you're smart"?

  33. - What do truck drivers understand that most people don't?

  34. - Is it sexism that most firefighters are men?

  35. - Do grades (GPA) really matter?

  36. - What businesses have the highest profit margin?

  37. - What kind of employers or bosses are respected by their employees?

  38. - What is the biggest mind blow ever?

  39. - What are the most overrated things in life? Why are they overrated?

  40. - What's the most depressing thing you saw as a police officer?

  41. - What are the biggest lessons you have learned in the corporate world?

  42. - What is the most arrogant thing said to you during contract negotiations?

  43. - What is the one habit that can transform your world forever?

  44. - If you killed the alpha male of a pack of wolves, would the rest of the pack consider you the new alpha male or would they just kill you?

  45. - What is a fun psychological trick to try on someone?

  46. - I went to a nice restaurant and a family with kids were being very noisy. I asked the manager to have them removed, but he declined. How should I have handled this?

  47. - What’s the best business advice you've ever been given?

  48. - Are baby girls inherently attracted to girly things (like beautiful dresses) or is it a result of nurturing? If it is a result of nurturing, should parents and/or society be allowed to dictate to girls what things they can and can't choose or do?

  49. - As a gay person, what do straight people do that creeps you out?

  50. - What has been the most honest moment you’ve had with a salesperson?


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