Dec 2018 Quora Round Up (4 of 5)

This is the fourth instalment (of 5) to share from my massive backlog of bookmarked Quora answers to share with my community.

As always: I hope you enjoy, learn something, and it helps you one day. Much love <3

  1. - What are some uncommon ways to work smarter instead of harder?

  2. - What is the reason, everyone I know, especially men, complain about their married life? Is it really that bad?

  3. - What are some of the biggest scams/cons in modern history?

  4. - What is the strangest way you found out your significant other was cheating on you?

  5. - What can a person do on the first day of a new job that will impress their boss the most?

  6. - What were some “red flags” new hires shouldn't ignore when starting a new job?

  7. - What's the main reason you quit a high paying job?

  8. - What's an unpopular opinion you have about relationships?

  9. - What are the most overrated travel destinations?

  10. - Why can't China make a good ballpoint pen?

  11. - How bad is gender inequality in America?

  12. - How did Oprah become so rich?

  13. - What are some commonly accepted double standards?

  14. - What are things that wives don't know about their husbands?

  15. - What should I do if my kids are eating peanuts in public and a mom asks us to put them away because her child is highly allergic?

  16. - What do electrical engineers know that many audiophiles do not?

  17. - What is the worst thing to order in a restaurant?

  18. - What do divorce lawyers know about relationships that most people don't know?

  19. - Why are so many hot women single?

  20. - Which games do you consider extremely well made but niche to the point of being unplayable?

  21. - Have you ever lost any respect for someone instantly?

  22. - Why do feminists get offended by how women are depicted in comics?

  23. - What was your best moment when negotiating a salary?

  24. - In what ways are you racist?

  25. - What are some cool psychological hacks?

  26. - What are the best ways to use perfume?

  27. - What is something that is absolutely worth the money?

  28. - How much should you tip the waiters in Australia?

  29. - What are the sneakiest, most under-the-radar methods of cheating on tests?

  30. - Why does ‘woman’ contain ‘man’ and ‘female’ contain ‘male’?

  31. - What was the weirdest compliment you've ever received?

  32. - How do intelligent people recognize each other?

  33. - Do young Chinese feel resentful that they are expected to support their parents financially?

  34. - I really want to be a professional gamer, but my parents want me to do something else. What should I do, because I think I have true potential?

  35. - What is the single most useful book you have ever read?

  36. - If college majors had honest mottos, what would they be?

  37. - What is your favorite method of revenge against incredibly rude motorists while driving?

  38. - What makes a woman (single or married) choose to have an affair with a married man?

  39. - What do the best salespeople know that the rest of us don't?

  40. - What was it like when you were reunited with the child you put up for adoption?

  41. - What would you do if all of the people on earth were extinct except you and beautiful and gorgeous girls?

  42. - What is something that 90% of people don't seem to understand?

  43. - Have you ever met someone only for 2-3 days but remembered them your whole life?

  44. - In those medieval times when people wore armor, how could a steel sword possibly harm someone clad in metal head-to-toe?

  45. - How do other countries’ airport security compare to the United States' airport security?

  46. - What is the Rohingya crisis?

  47. - Who is the most corrupt and crooked scientist ever known?

  48. - I only date men who keep chasing me relentlessly for a long time. Why do they turn abusive once I start dating them? Shouldn't they treat me well because they worked hard to get me?

  49. - What did you eat, only to regret it moments later?

  50. - Is driving for Uber worth the wear and tear and mileage on my car?

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Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash