Venture Studio - Attempt 1

Venture Studio - Attempt 1

tl;dr: The Momenta Lab project started for the purpose of building a Venture Studio company. We underestimated the intensity of research to test our hypotheses. We were successful in coming up with a business model (strategic, financial, legal, operating) which the market has confidence in. We did not have the financial means and adequate clout which were requisite in the model. We were unsuccessful insofar as we did not launch the company. These findings and the model is something I intend to pursue one day.

Momenta Lab.

This is the name of a recent project of mine seeking to establish a Venture Studio. The objective was to create and operate profitable, right-sized technology products.

Dec 2018 - What is Joshua reading?

Dec 2018 - What is Joshua reading?

Having recently attended a number of events this autumn to speak with university students, young professionals, and small business owners, I’ve fielded many questions about what reading I would recommend to them.

While I’ve previously shared my thoughts on this topic, my journey has taken me down many paths and through many hoops in the three years since then. I have a few more thoughts to share.

The big one is that everybody should learn Sales. > Cue groans <

Listen, I get it: ‘selling’ is thought of as something dirty… but that’s such an outdated notion. The reality is that we are all selling, all of the time. Selling is the art and science of…

Some Reading on Sales Operations

Some Reading on Sales Operations

Sales Operations.

What is it? Do I need it? Where does it fit in the org? I've also heard of Sales Enablement; is it different? How do I do it right? What career paths get you to Sales Ops and where can you go from there? Is Sales Ops leadership the same as Sales leadership? So many questions. So few good answers.

Worthwhile Pursuits

Worthwhile Pursuits

As I've been pushing hard on pursuing new opportunities lately and working through a handful of challenging projects, I've been pondering the question, "What is truly worth striving for?" in considering how to allocate my limited resources of time and energy.

This is the list of things I keep circling back to:

  • Excellence

  • Integrity…

Observations about Compensation of Young Professionals

It is important to know one's value/worth as a worker.

A quick reality check of evaluating oneself in the broader organization is to ask the question: Do I Add, Subtract, Multiply, or Divide value to the social fabric which I am woven into? Do not be a subtracter and divider. Best is to be a multiplier (Note on multipliers: they amplify their environment, so they make sense in positive constructive environments).

Your compensation needs to be relative the value you provide for a business and you need to take ownership of negotiating the compensation you want. Nobody knows your situation as well as you do and nearly everybody is more worried about their situation than yours.

A few rules of thumb:

  • In the public sector:

    • Ones 'market value' increases by between 3k-5k per year for the majority of roles

    • Individual Contributor roles cap at 75k-110k, depending on skills requirements

    • For specialist roles, compensation is usually 70-80% of private market rate

  • In the private sector:

    • Ones 'market value' increases by between 3k-7k per year

    • For specialist skillsets, market value increases by between 8k-15k per year

    • Individual Contributor roles cap at 90k-130k, and then one is required to contribute to business development (i.e. originating sales, generating net new revenue, fundraising)

The sectors that do not subscribe to the above are those which contribute value in a scalable manner or are poorly understood (note: this is fleeting): Business Development, Management Consulting, Capital Markets, and Technological Specialists (non-operational roles).

On the topic of direction.. as a young person

On the topic of direction.. as a young person

This is a Shitty First Draft post that I never got around to completing. Coming back to it now cause I've been having mentoring calls every week for a while now. Same things KEEP coming up. So, here I am, writing a post about it so I can point to it.

1. Brain Dump about Expectations + Learning

Are you doing what you do to meet your personal expectations, or the expectations of your parents/society/tribe? It's your life, dude. Live it as you see fit.

It's great to be excited ("passionate") about a particular industry, but how much do you really know about it? I hear far too many people who were sold on the 'sexy' of a particular field of work, where the majority of their understanding came from marketing efforts by industry associations or people who've themselves been sold on an idea…

Universal Checklist for Presentation Delivery Prep

Universal Checklist for Presentation Delivery Prep

Ever since I went to university, I've been thinking about writing more in a public manner. Finally pulled the trigger in 2016 after years of deliberating. Here's a post I found that I'd written an entire draft for back in August of 2013.

I enjoyed reading this because it offered me an interesting look into how I've developed concepts and workflows since then. Sharing this in all of its original glory because it's rather funny and still pretty relevant!


This post is an ongoing attempt to create a universal checklist for the preparation of presentations. Note that I am assuming that the presentation deck and demo product are already complete after considering objective, available time, time of day, audience, and so on. This checklist is a combination of actions and reminders with some definitions included after the checklist...

David S. Rose: Sayings From My Father

David S. Rose: Sayings From My Father

For as far back as I can remember, my father has served as my primary role model, showing by example the importance of impeccable integrity, hard work and dedication, creative business thinking and the need for maintaining a long-term perspective. Today, in his mid-80’s, he is as energetic and engaged in the entrepreneurial life as anyone I know, creating new business and social ventures, and mentoring yet another generation of entrepreneurs.

While my siblings and I have had the privilege of growing up under his direct tutelage, many other people have had the benefit of his distilled life experience, because one thing he is not shy about is sharing advice....

Takeaways from Product Camp Vancouver 2018

Takeaways from Product Camp Vancouver 2018

This weekend, I attended Product Camp Vancouver 2018 alongside hundreds of Vancouver's tech community. I walked away from the event feeling inspired and connected. What a great event and wonderful community!

I attended the event without a clear understanding of what is typically in or out of scope for the Product Management (PM) line of work. My perspective is mostly heavily informed by my firsthand experiences on the delivery and growth sides for high-tech and professional services companies. I learned a bunch that helped connect some missing dots of concepts in my mind - very thankful for this.

Below are some of my takeaways, whether new or old ideas, which I am mulling over. These points are mostly from talks by Chloe Morrow (of Vision Critical), Cory Ayres (of Pendo), and Steven Forth (of Ibbaka), as well as with fellow participants...

Centres of Influence

Centres of Influence

Digitizing a thought I had written in a journal back in 2010 around the idea of a Centre of Influence (COI). I had defined COIs as those people we have relationships with who possess a level of influence over our decision-making. The influence is exerted by virtue of their primary relationship dynamic with their network. These are people trusted & networked as an influencer, and their advice is often taken with little further thought.

It's apparent that my then knowledge of personal/professional relationship dynamics was much more limited than it is today, but interesting nonetheless...